Ready to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

Ready to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?

Next 17th March, don’t miss the biggest party on Earth!

Who’s Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, was a Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland.

According to tradition, Patrick was kidnapped and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland, he spent six years as a shepherd and during that time he found God.

The Declaration (written by Saint Patrick) says that God told Patrick to escape to the coast where a ship was waiting to take him home.

After his return to Ireland, Patrick became a priest and started to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity.

The wearing of the green

It seems that Saint Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, as a symbol to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.

This is why in St Patrick’s Day, it’s mandatory to wear shamrocks and green clothing or accessories.

In top of celebrations, you will see green everywhere, just let the crowd take you into the heart of the parade and be as green as the greenest of the Leprechauns!

How to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

  • Create a tag or special page on Facebook and invite your friends and colleagues for a special party in a nice pub, nice club or at home
  • Disguise in a creative green way and join the big parade in your own city
  • Keep a big stock of Saint Patrick’s Day beer
  • Send special messages or create cards using illustratoons’ unique images
  • Order trendy clothing and get your unique look for the celebration at Zoo&co!

Where to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

This awesome green party has traditional celebrations in Ireland, Great Britain, Unites States, Canada, Argentina, Montserrat, Australia and some Asian countries.

The good news is that year after year, Saint Patrick’s Day get more famous and celebrations are held everywhere in the world.

Have a look at your local news, chances are that you will get a big surprise and have a celebration in your own city.

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