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Custom illustrations brainstorming

Did you say custom illustrations?

If you were wondering what, how and what for when thinking about this, you are now at the right place. I will try to clarify some aspects of it.

First, If you are here is because you like what I do, even if some questions remain. I would like to say that this is about style, and versatility while keeping very creative. Of course, there is a direction in my style concerning characters and designs, but this doesn’t mean that we, you and I, have to stuck to it.

In addition, I always keep in mind that I’m creating for my customer needs and wishes and this means in some cases to explore completely new worlds!

Next, I would like to feature some kind of uses that illustrations can have.

Yes, illustrations must serve your communication purposes!

We can go for something more abstract or stylish, I can seriously put the colors palette downside up for you, I can even go far away from cartoon style.

For example, Did you say decorative? Maybe a pattern design? Something having nothing to do with humor? What about something more conceptual? Graphic humor you said? A not flat, textured and shaded design?

Some illustration examples

A decorative pattern design?

An endless, colorful and beautiful pattern design for decoration and identity purposes.

With this kind of endless pattern you could fill huge surfaces thanks to the multiplication of the basic design module, seamless.

Do you need something special for a product or event?

I’ll be happy to design the identity of your event or product and print it on your favorite promotional products.

Yes, your annual conference about chicken or egg dilemma! An official design printed on a series of products.

Why not some minimalism?

A collection of minimalist pictograms or icons featuring sports, steps in manual or sections in a book.

Another important point to consider is that sometimes less is more and simple is more effective!

Certainly you need a character!

Are you looking for a character for your small business? Are you a self-publisher, a designer, a blogger, a website owner, a marketer or a social media professional who wants high appeal characters, professionally made?

Character sheets full of details and a final astounding character ready to boost your business.

You want to tell a story

You need to tell a story or communicate an idea to students, colleagues or partners before starting a project. A storyboard would be greatly welcome.

A good illustration is worth a thousand words!

What you need is a collection full of characters

You realize than the most suitable solution for your project would be not one but a whole collection full of inspiring characters.

What about some baby animals to be applied on clothing and decoration.

You are wondering if it is possible to have something original for Christmas (or Halloween or Valentine’s Day)

Definitely you want to go out of the box and have something you haven’t seen before, you want an exclusive image to apply to your company’s greeting cards at Christmas.

Get custom illustrations for all occasions.

Or you just need something personal!

You really want something special to have fun with your friends and celebrate big!

When illustrations become a surprising, fun and effective way to strengthen ties in a relationship!

Definitely, you need something out of this world!

You are not easily satisfied, you need to shake the world, to make people talk around the world. Something complex, full of details, crowded with out of the box characters.

Show the power of your communication, get out of the box and make your message shine while creating the buzz!

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illustratoons is the perfect Royalty Free vector toons gallery and custom illustrations on demand for:

  • Advertising, marketing and media agencies
  • T-Shirt and print shops
  • Team, association, club and sports banners
  • Designers
  • Social media professionals
  • Self-publishers
  • Car & vehicle wraps
  • Bloggers
  • Website owners
  • Personal print-on-demand projects
  • An unimaginable amount of other diverse uses!

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Tell me about your next illustration project!

I would like to insist on saying that I’m ready for different kinds of assignments. Don’t hesitate to commission your illustrations with me, it’s easy and fast. Actually, I’m expecting my next illustration challenge coming from you!

For this reason, I would be really pleased of participating as illustrator in your next project!

It’s perfectly understandable that commissioning an illustration feels a bit risky. You wonder if you will like what you get.

Well, first and foremost, you like my illustrations! Tell me what you like in my Gallery. That gives a much better idea of what to do and much more certainty for you.

Second, I personally will put a lot of care in interpreting and giving the best shape to your idea.

Third, The only surprise that you can get at the end is just a pleasant one, your illustration will look even better than what you had in mind!

Finally, in any case you have a lot to win. You will be paying a very reasonable price for a wonderful custom made illustration!

This post makes part of a series on custom illustration and illustration in general. To be continued…

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