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illustratoons is a Symbiostock based stock agency

Create your own Symbiostock stock agency Symbiostock is a WordPress based plugin which allows stock photographers and illustrators to implement their own stock agency and sell their work directly to the market.

Selling directly means better prices and service for customers and more earnings for artists.

Join the new way of selling your own images

Symbiostock Pro offers advanced licensing, image manipulation, and other features. These include the option of uploading videos, and illustrations, with distribution to other agencies as an option.

Symbiostock Pro is a full application that allows artists who look for earning their living from their work, to upload their images while easily managing their media store.

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illustratoons makes part of Symzio

Symzio independent artist Symbiostock also allows you to include your media in the Symzio network, the first contributor controlled agency.

Here, you can buy Extended licenses while artists earn much more than in any other stock agency.

Join the new wave, stay independent when selling your work

First, Symzio promotes itself as the first completely contributor controlled stock photo, vector and video licensing agency.

In addition, as an agency which makes customers pay less while making independent artists earn more.

In conclusion, with the prominent reduction in the stock market and micro stock killing profits, it’s encouraging to see that there are people working on ways of readdressing the marketplace and put things in a fair new level.

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