Cool snail invitation to keep safe by staying at home

It’s time to stay at home as this snail always does! Cool snail invitation. Sometimes, the best alternative is to keep safe, to stay at home, for you, for others, for everybody. Cool snail with telescopic green eyes, yellow skin … Read More

Super toilet paper courageously fighting Coronavirus

Stop worrying about Coronavirus, Super toilet paper is here! Courageous toilet paper roll raising a hand and clenching its teeth while acting as a superhero. It’s wearing red gloves and boots and using the paper as cape when fighting an … Read More

Evil green virus giving a big fright to a piggy bank

Resist little piggy bank, don’t stop fighting this evil green virus! Evil green virus, apparently Coronavirus, scares a piggy bank. The piggy bank weeps, feels disoriented and full of fear, but wants to resist, wants to fight. In addition, it … Read More

Soap superhero facing Coronavirus with a hose full of water

Wash your hands with soap and water as frequently as possible! Soap superhero fighting Coronavirus. Strong blue soap showing muscles and wearing yellow gloves and boots when acting as a courageous superhero. He’s holding an orange hose plugged to a … Read More

Six cute animals meditating collection

Animals devoted to meditation Animals meditating collection. Incredible Royalty Free Stock Images collection depicting six different animals feeling joyful when performing a deep meditation. These cute animals are smiling and doing a Gyan mudra sign with both “hands” while seated … Read More

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Nice cartoon Earth meditating and smiling

Let’s take a deep breath and meditate on how to get along well with our beloved Earth! Planet Earth meditating. It shows a minimalist cartoon style feeling full of joy while performing a deep meditation. It is doing a Gyan … Read More

Brain meditating, floating and half-smiling

Don’t wait more, start meditation NOW! Brain meditating while exploring its own inner self, its own true self. Front view of a cartoon brain doing a Gyan mudra sign with its hands, half-smiling and floating while going in deep meditation. … Read More

Heart meditating, floating and half-smiling

NOW is the best time to meditate! Heart meditating when making a true encounter with its inner self, with the full heart behind the physic heart. Cartoon red heart doing a Gyan mudra sign with both hands, half-smiling and floating … Read More

Colorful Amazonian Toucan smiling

Amazonian toucan smiling when showing its beautiful colors Amazonian toucan smiling while posing and walking on a tree branch. Turn your eyes to one among thousands of animals that need protection. It’s time to wake up, to raise awareness and … Read More