Spooky skulls ready to celebrate the Day of the Dead - illustratoons
Spooky skulls ready to celebrate the Day of the Dead

Spooky skulls ready to have fun by giving you a big fright! Bunch of spooky skulls in a decorative pattern design. Day of the Dead design featuring odd Mexican skulls and bones. Skulls showing in minimalist style while presenting five … Read More

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Monstrous scary hand asking for glove - illustratoons
Monstrous scary hand asking for glove

Is this about love or about fear? Severed scary hand with long nails intimidating a yellow glove. The frightened glove steps back while trying to avoid being touched by the hand. The pale hand says “Glove me!” in a speech … Read More

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Terrifying Christmas Dracula - illustratoons
Terrifying Christmas Dracula

Christmas is the most awesome season of the year, even for a Halloween creature! Pale and skinny Christmas Dracula, baggy-eyed, with pointy ears, looking silly and showing a pair of terrifying sharpen fangs while wearing a red Santa hat and … Read More

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Christmas mummy moaning piteously

Wearing this Christmas hat is a real humiliation for this Halloween mummy! Terrifying Christmas mummy wearing a red Christmas Santa hat, clenching its eyes, opening generously its mouth with broken teeth and moaning piteously. A purple oval as background.

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