Cool Santa Claus bringing a Christmas bauble

Have you ever seen someone as proud as Santa Claus decorating for Christmas? Cool Santa Claus while smiling, raising a leg and proudly holding a Christmas bauble decorated with yellow waves and three leaves of evergreen holly.

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Grinning Santa Claus bringing Xmas presents

Santa Claus has just come with his hands full of Christmas gifts! Grinning Santa Claus while grinning, raising a leg and holding beautiful Christmas presents with his hands up.

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Furious elephant breaks Spain’s King hip - illustratoons
Furious elephant breaks Spain’s King hip

Help save elephants dear King instead of killing them! Surprising image of a furious elephant while avoiding being shot by the king of Spain, Juan Carlos. Our elephant didn’t find a better way to save his life than seating on … Read More

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Happy Santa Claus executing a cartwheel - illustratoons
Happy Santa Claus executing a cartwheel

Had you ever seen Santa so happy? Happy Santa Claus while smiling, having fun and performing a stunning cartwheel with great grace and confidence. He does this acrobatic movement by beginning in a standing position, next turning and throwing his … Read More

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Christmas angler fish carrying a nice bauble - illustratoons
Christmas angler fish carrying a nice bauble

Christmas goes even to the deepest of the oceans Christmas angler fish. A scary deep sea fish feels surprised when looking at a Xmas ball instead of a luminescent esca, at the end of its long prominent spine filament. Visit … Read More

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Masked thief disguised as Santa Claus - illustratoons
Masked thief disguised as Santa Claus

Make sure that you meet the right Santa Claus when requesting some presents for your kids! Rogue masked thief wearing red Santa clothes. He’s also wearing a black mask while walking on his tiptoes and carrying his loot in a … Read More

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Green elf juggling Xmas baubles

Green elves know how to have fun at Christmas Cute Christmas elf smiling, clenching his eyes and juggling Xmas baubles with great enthusiasm.

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Cool Santa Claus greeting

Santa Claus greetings just for you! Cool and cute Santa Claus greeting proudly, posing, smiling and rising his left arm to wave enthusiastically.

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Beautiful Christmas tree

There is no true Christmas without a beautiful decorated tree! Beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with several beautiful red Christmas baubles and a shiny yellow star on top.

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Welcoming Christmas elf

Be ready to receive a warm hug from a Santa elf Welcoming Christmas elf smiling and opening his arms to give a warm hug.

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Christmas chameleon with perfect camouflage - illustratoons
Christmas chameleon with perfect camouflage

This chameleon has the perfect look for Christmas Christmas chameleon feeling nervous while showing the perfect season’s camouflage. It’s staring at you in a weird attitude and walking while gripped to a candy cane and holding a bauble with its … Read More

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