Angry rock saying I don’t give a sheet to evil scissors

If you are not interested at all about anything, choose to say “I don’t give a sheet” Let’s play rock paper scissors. Funny scene showing an angry rock protecting a sheet of paper from the evil scissors. The rock bravely … Read More

Evil wolf saying I don’t give a sheep

If you think that you don’t care at all, choose to say “I don’t give a sheep” Funny scene featuring an evil wolf carrying two cute scared sheep. The angry wolf defies you by staring at you and saying “I … Read More

Snail or slug? Staying home or going out with a mask?

How do you feel more comfortable and safer? A snail and a slug have a surprising encounter. The snail’s is, as always, carrying its home shell and having a perfect protection as needed. The slug is homeless, shell-less as it … Read More

Two-headed alien wondering about having three eyes

When the problem goes far away from just having three eyes! Two-headed alien with antennae, blue spotted skin, tail, sharp teeth, pointy ears and three eyes while wondering about having three eyes. One of the heads is naively asking the … Read More

Halloween sexy witch posing as a star

Does a terrific witch have the power of becoming beautiful? A sexy witch. Ugly witch having fun when posing as a sexy woman over the subway grate. She enjoys big when her dress blows up above her knees thanks to … Read More

White man in love collection

A funny white man dealing with falling in love! A love collection of surprising and intricate graphic moments in the life of a man in love. Amazing collection featuring our famous white man in a bunch of funny and humorous … Read More

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Smitten man hanged by a heart balloon

How to avoid becoming a smitten man hanged in the name of love At some occasions, love is not as magic as you imagined, and it finishes by hanging you by the neck without giving you any chance of escaping, … Read More

Tyrannosaurus Rex groaning angrily

This powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex is not feeling happy! Tyrannosaurus Rex groaning angrily by widely opening his mouth and showing his sharp tooth, exhibiting his yellow spots, a powerful tail and very short arms, clenching its eyes and complaining bitterly.