Halloween naughty ghost winking and smiling

When Halloween approaches ghosts begin to plot scary things! Mischievous ghost winking. Naughty blue ghost with big head and bulging eyes while floating, frowning, smiling and winking mischievously. It’s having a lot of fun while plotting something terrific for next … Read More

Halloween ghost smiling mischievously

Ghosts are ready to play their worst Halloween pranks! Scary blue ghost smiling and having fun. Ghost in minimalist style with big head and bulging eyes, while floating and staring at you. This ghost seems to be mocking at you … Read More

Halloween ghost laughing enthusiastically

Most ghosts have lots of fun at Halloween! Cool ghost laughing and enjoying Halloween. Blue ghost in minimalist style, with big head and bulging eyes while floating, clenching his eyes, laughing and feeling happy.