White man in love collection

A funny white man dealing with falling in love! A love collection of surprising and intricate graphic moments in the life of a man in love. Amazing collection featuring our famous white man in a bunch of funny and humorous … Read More

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Smitten man hanged by a heart balloon

How to avoid becoming a smitten man hanged in the name of love At some occasions, love is not as magic as you imagined, and it finishes by hanging you by the neck without giving you any chance of escaping, … Read More

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A new love balloon for my collection

A new love balloon is always welcome to my collection! It seems that having a good bunch of red heart balloons is not necessarily enough for this white man, who does not miss any occasion to add new pieces to … Read More

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The red heart balloons collector

The red heart balloons collector Man feeling a lot of satisfaction while walking with a bunch of heart balloons. White man grinning and walking proudly while bringing and exhibiting his collection of beautiful red heart balloons. Visit Zoo&co to see … Read More

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A heart inside my head instead of a brain - illustratoons
A heart inside my head instead of a brain

The eternal dilemma between feelings and reason I have a heart inside my head. A side view of the happy face of an optimistic and smiling man, full of satisfaction, who has opened his head to proudly exhibit a shiny … Read More

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A white man pinned by love

Sometimes, love is not only about joy! How to be a man pinned by love. Believe it or not, you can’t escape from love. Love will find you wherever you are. Avoid to make it lose patience. You risk being … Read More

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Avoid having a cruel loverdose

How to avoid getting obsessed when falling in love! Cruel loverdose. The desire to be loved can lead to making the wildest acts of madness, that will surely result in an overdose of love and passion, with all the inherent … Read More

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Furious white man kicking love heart

When love gets nightmarish! A man kicking love… Mad white man in a very violent attitude when finishing his romantic relationship by gnashing his teeth, clenching his eyes and fists and kicking furiously a red cartoon heart. Visit Zoo&co to … Read More

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