Happy cow doing meditation and changing its moo into an oom

Just after all this craziness, let’s start doing meditation, just as this meditative cow! Cool cow doing meditation. Cool cow with delicate brown and white fur, long tail and big udder closing its eyes while seated in lotus position. It … Read More

Six cute animals meditating collection

Animals devoted to meditation Animals meditating collection. Incredible Royalty Free Stock Images collection depicting six different animals feeling joyful when performing a deep meditation. These cute animals are smiling and doing a Gyan mudra sign with both “hands” while seated … Read More

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Nice cartoon Earth meditating and smiling

Let’s take a deep breath and meditate on how to get along well with our beloved Earth! Planet Earth meditating. It shows a minimalist cartoon style feeling full of joy while performing a deep meditation. It is doing a Gyan … Read More

Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun meditating

Meditation is at the center of well being, even for a mischievous Leprechaun! Leprechaun meditating. Nice Leprechaun with red beard, pointy ears and traditional hat decorated with a clover. He is wearing shorts and suspenders while smiling. He’s doing a … Read More

Sweet brown dog meditating in zen mood

Dogs are much more than our best friends, they are our true masters! Dog meditating. Sweet puppy with spotted brown fur and hanging ears performing a placid meditation in zen mood. It is widely smiling while doing a Gyan mudra … Read More

Cool green frog meditating in lotus pose

Green frogs are masters of meditation! Frog meditating. Cool green frog with long legs and arms performing a deep meditation while seated in happy mood. It is joyfully smiling while doing a Gyan mudra sign with both hands. Download this … Read More

Nice pig meditating in peaceful mood

What a better way to celebrate the Year of the Pig than by meditating? Pig meditating – Chinese New Year 2019. Nice pig with pointy ears, spotted skin, curly tail, big eyes and flat nose feeling joyful while performing a … Read More

Sweet sheep meditating in Zen mood

Sheep are so fluffy, perfectly equipped to practice a sitting meditation! Sheep meditating. It shows pointy ears, dark skin, fluffy tail, big eyes and white wool while meditating in joyful mood. It’s happily smiling while keeping in seated position, in … Read More

Purple bat meditating in lotus pose and joyful mood

Even bats are following in the steps of meditation! Bat meditating. Cool purple bat with big pointy ears and sharp fangs doing a Gyan mudra sign with both hands. It is smiling with great happiness while performing a deep meditation … Read More

Nice panda bear meditating in lotus pose

Panda bears are the guardians of meditation! Panda bear meditating. Nice panda bear with black rings around the eyes feeling happy while doing a Gyan mudra sign with both hands. It is widely smiling while doing a deep meditation in … Read More

Nice monkey meditating in surprising calm way

Even noisy monkeys are able to reach high states of calm and peace! Monkey meditating. Nice cartoon monkey with brown fur and long tail happily smiling while doing a Gyan mudra sign with both hands. It is performing a placid … Read More

Cool yellow bunny meditating in lotus pose

Here is the reason for the legendary bunnies’ good luck! A bunny meditating? Cool bunny showing its yellow fur, huge ears, big teeth and long whiskers while performing a relaxing meditation in lotus pose. It’s placidly smiling while doing a … Read More

Cow meditating in lotus pose and joyful mood

Even cows start meditating at their free time! Cow meditating. Cute cow with pointy ears, big horns, long tail, wide nose and a ring around the left eye smiling while showing a joyful mood. It’s performing a deep meditation while … Read More

Cool gray mouse meditating in joyful mood

It seems that meditation is a great way to attract the best cheese to a mouse’s life! Mouse meditating. Cool cartoon mouse with big rounded ears, long tail and big teeth performing a deep meditation when keeping in seated position. … Read More

Enthusiastic lion meditating in happy mood

Even wild lions are ready to start meditating! Lion meditating. Cool cartoon lion with big orange mane, long tail and sharp teeth experimenting great relaxation while smiling with great joy. It keeps in seated position while doing a Gyan mudra … Read More

Halloween Yin yang monstrous fishes

None of these fishes can live without the other one! Halloween Yin yang conformed by two fish like monsters grinning maliciously while stalking each other. Terrific fishes showing their sharp teeth and staring at each other while preparing to attack … Read More