Welcome to a land plenty of color, fantasy and African masks!

Africa is a real source of inspiration when it comes to creativity. Download this pattern composed by tribal and animal masks inspired in African folklore. It is ready to multiply and form a pattern design able to cover any surface or object surface!

Here, a tribute to brave African people in the form of a joyful design.

Traditional African masks play an important role in rituals or ceremonies with diverse purposes such as: claiming for a good harvest, requesting solutions for groupal needs, or asking for spiritual help in different kinds of rituals and ceremonies.

Some masks represent the spirits of ancestors. Others symbolize totem animals, creatures important to families or groups. In some cultures, masks feature specific characters in mythology, like a king, a chaman or even a rival.

The wearer of the mask has the duty to communicate to the person symbolized by it, or to be possessed by who or what the mask represents. They play in general a role of bridges to the spiritual world, to the afterlife.

Download this colorful image full of fantasy in a few simple steps and use it to send messages, to decorate your spaces or to animate an African event.

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