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Amazing insects discovering love collection

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Anywhere, anytime, amazing insects are discovering love in the most unattended ways!

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Amazing insects are everywhere and when they are not eating, flying, biting or stinging, they are loving! They are looking for their soulmate. What about a worker ant daring to declare its love to the queen?

Or a female praying mantis hypnotizing its defenseless mate? Have you ever seen a couple of shy dragonflies declaring their flame? What about some ugly cockroaches madly falling in love?

When mosquitoes are not biting someone, they are engaged in the arts of love. Have you ever seen two ugly flies drooling and kissing? Two jumping fleas discovering that they are surprisingly in love? What about a couple of grasshoppers preparing a love serenade? A sweet couple of ladybugs feeling attracted to each other?

What about having a privileged place to see a couple of beautiful butterflies flirting? What happen when two bees meet and discuss of love feelings? When a female rhinoceros beetle makes a declaration of love to the male of its dreams?

Finally, don’t miss the stinging encounter of a couple of wasps. Don’t miss the unequal romantic date of a couple of stick insects.
Remember, love is the soul of the world.

This is even more true, when it concerns the most numerous inhabitants of this lovely planet, the amazing insects!


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