Download this cool pattern inspired in charming Colombia

Live the magic of this beautiful country. Enjoy this cool pattern design inspired by colombian characters, folklore and traditions. Enjoy the charm of its extraordinary people, its breathtaking landscapes and the richness of its traditions.

Pattern design composed by people of different colombian regions, tropical flowers and plants and coffee traditions. Don’t miss the beautiful orchids, exotic animals, music instruments, hand lettering and pre-columbian cultures.

Magical Colombia is a country full of beauty. It has an ideal climate and some of the most luxuriant forests, beaches, exotic plants and animals. Its extraordinary diversity is a blessing, an incomparable gift.

One of its most remarkable traditions is the love for coffee. Coffee is a key part of Colombian identity. Add color and music to your daily activities. Bring Colombia everywhere with this beautiful image.

Just download it and put several images side by side to compose an infinite pattern able to fill in any surface or object.

If you had doubts, have no more, it’s time to discover the charm of Colombia!

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