Just after all this craziness, let’s start doing meditation, just as this meditative cow!

Cool cow doing meditation. Cool cow with delicate brown and white fur, long tail and big udder closing its eyes while seated in lotus position. It is in perfect serenity and peace, devoted to meditation. The immediate and humorous effect of meditation is changing its natural moo into a meditative oom!

Do you like the natural sound of a cow saying moo? What about trying a rhythmic, profound and calming oom while meditating? What are you waiting to start? Hurry up, follow the way of doing of this cow, Let’s say oom instead of moo!

Download this peaceful and funny image of a cow doing meditation. Don’t forget to promote the benefits of meditation among your family and friends. First than all, don’t forget to do your daily meditation!

What is meditation?

We don’t pretend to define a so complex and rich practice in a so short space. We can just give a quick idea about what meditation is.

Meditation is difficult to define, as practices are diverse even at the interior of a specific practice or tradition.

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique to train attention and awareness. Most of the time, the goal includes to achieve mind clarity and emotional calm, as well as a stable state. Reaching some kind of conscience of divinity is the ultimate goal of most of practices and traditions involving meditation.

Try meditation, at least once, even if you don’t feel a special interest, better if you feel that you can practice your own meditation wisely, step by step, let it flow naturally.

Good luck, feel the benefits and spread the word, begin by changing yourself before trying to change the world!

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