Doodle art in the form of crazy hungry creatures!

Doodle art monsters. Crazy odd creatures forming a colorful equilateral triangle while aggressively attacking and eating one of them. These monsters build a radial pattern when giving free rein to their basic instincts. Enjoy this amazing decorative pattern design.

Try this awesome image on your walls, printed on products or just to show in your online pages or printed messages.

Is the term Doodle art new for you?

A Doodle is a drawing made without paying attention to details. It’s a kind of automatic drawing in other sense. Doodles are simple drawings that can have a simple meaning or may just be abstract. They are even sometimes made without even lifting the hand of the paper, or the screen in this case. Scribble is another word for this kind of attractive modern art.

In illustratoons, we experiment with different kinds of Doodle art and Pattern design expressions. Some of our final illustrations are even seamless, this gives wider possibilities of utilization and you get a lot of drawings in a single one at a very affordable price!

Many drawings or illustrations appear to repeat the same motif. When a motif appears over and over again in a surface, it gives as a result a pattern. Patterns are frequently used in decoration and fashion design. The use of visual patterns catch the eye producing astounding pieces of decorative art.

This doodle art figure is not seamless but can be used for a surface as a repetition of the final triangle that the monsters form. What about a canvas with this illustration printed on? A T-Shirt? What do you think of using these monsters as a webpage background?

Download it!

Create a wonderful piece of decorative art after downloading it in a few simple steps!

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