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Good heart claiming that the truth is not out there




The truth is out there? Only a good heart knows where the truth is!

Sweet heart claiming where the truth is!

Anatomical heart with bulging eyes showing veins and arteries and feeling worried when raising a hand.

He wants to claim that the the truth is not out there as everyone believe.

Good heart in trouble trying to explain where the truth really is! This illustration suggests that the truth’s inside each one, directly in each one’s heart.

Seek your own truth

The seeking of truth’s always been one of the most important goals for human race. The truth’s out there as sentence has become one of the most well known statements about it.

With the latest spiritual movements the place of the heart has been reestablished. It’s the unique source of personal truth. Where do you really think that the truth is?

Download this sweet heart claiming where the truth is in a few simple steps! Claim your own truth!

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