Green frogs spare no effort in having fun in different creative ways!

Three green frogs waving animatedly. Silly frogs having fun by sticking their tongues out and making funny faces while forming a three sides figure. They create a rotative pattern that ends by having them totally tangled in a complex choreography.

Are you a frog lover?

What about downloading an original artwork to send as a funny creative message? These frogs waving are a nice way to say hi, to say welcome or just to wave someone. A way to say to that beloved person how much you care while showing how important is to keep in contact.

Download these funny frogs waving!

Download these funny green frogs and have fun sharing it with your friends! Use this image in your blog. Just choose your favorite format and click “Add to Cart”. Go to the Cart and “Proceed to Checkout”. No registration, easy, no headaches, simple steps.

Want to see for more frogs, waving or not?

Visit our frogs gallery! and take a look at all our frog’s designs!

Wait, what’s a pattern design?

A pattern is a regularity in the world, in our case is the regularity in the use of visual elements, the use of elements that repeat in a predictable manner. Concerning our pattern designs, they have elements that repeat to create attractive visual designs. In some cases, They can even be organized to create infinite visual sequences in the form of seamless patterns that are ideal to decorate big surfaces or big objects.

Visit our pattern designs gallery. You will have even more pattern designs featuring frogs!

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