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Funny weird creatures defending their friend from being gobbled




Weird creatures doing their best to attack the predator of their friend

Funny group of weird creatures in a hurry attacking a bigger one to make it release its friend. A lizard-like creature trying to avoid being devoured by a bigger one.

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But, what is predation?

Predation is a biological interaction where one animal, the predator, kills and eats another animal, which is called prey.

Predation is a major actor of evolution, it acts selecting the weakest individuals of a given species and pushing to antipredator adaptations. Warning colors, alarm calls, camouflage, mimicry and defensive spines and chemicals. Millions of years of evolution have prepared the path for many species to develop sophisticated ways to avoid or even counterattack their predators. Solidarity with the victim, even if it has been rarely documented represents another line of defense against predators.

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